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Wilson is a community that values play. Children need time to enjoy themselves while also learning skills like discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, resilience and how to deal with disappointment. There aren’t many life lessons that cannot be learned to some degree in play. Doing all this while they’re getting much-needed exercise is a win in our book.

We have invested a good deal into sports and play in Wilson. The J. Burt Gillette Athletic Complex is widely known as one of the top youth sports facilities in the nation. Our many youth athletic leagues play here all seasons of the year. There are city-run leagues for most sports and age groups as well as a Police Athletic League that focuses on mentoring and building connections between underserved communities and the police.

City of Wilson Kids Playing Golf
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Wilson also has a number of activities for the less athletically inclined. Not everyone plays the same way and that diversity is something we want to encourage and embrace. The Arts Council of Wilson has programs and classes running throughout the year that focus on just about every creative endeavor your child may be interested in. There are writing, painting, drawing, acting, music and sculpting classes all taking place in a historic restored theater downtown.